Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mom and Stephen's Wedding

Sorry mom...I think you started to talk when I took this pic! You look beautiful!

Last night was a big night for my mom. She got married! Her new husband's name is Stephen and seems to be a really nice, great guy. I admit I don't know him very well, but that will change over time. The wedding turned out wonderful. The decorations were very nice and elegant. The flowers were gorgeous and the cake was beautiful.

The big event started off on Friday night. We went to set up for the reception, only to find that the gymnasium had just got new finish put on the floors! WHY didn't anyone tells us this was going to be happening??!! The building scheduler should have known, so why didn't we??? Oh well. So, the doors were blocked off and fans were going. We called around, trying to figure out if it was dry enough to use or what. Anyway, we couldn't get a hold of anyone, so being afraid to damage the floors we had to set up in the primary room. That was not what we had in mind, but it was better than nothing. It was quite a bit more cramped and tight, but we made it work. After a few hours of ironing, pinning, and placing we made it to a yummy Chinese restaurant for a late dinner. Surprisingly, our kids did ok, being it was bedtime.

The next day, Saturday, my Great Aunt Renae came over to our house to finish up the wedding cake she had started for my mom. That took many hours! By 4:30 we were getting ready to head over to the church to have a wedding! Bishop Tojo, my mom's Bishop married them. He did a wonderful job. He was quite entertaining actually. My mom and Stephen will eventually be married in the temple after my parents work out a few things.

After a very nice, short wedding ceremony it was time for the reception, just down the hall. We had so much family come in for this event that we pretty much took up the whole room. Jeremy ended up putting out more chairs along the wall so people could get comfy. The reception was great. Lots of people came and lots of pictures were taken. Unfortunately, I was in most of them and Jer was busy with Parker so I didn't get many on my camera. There will be plenty from other's that I'll get soon though.

Overall, it was a successful weekend. It was great to see family and see my mom so happy!

Renae working SO hard to get the cake done!

Samantha got to be in the wedding too! She was the flower girl.

Parker was a happy boy, but very hyper.

Me and my lovely sister, Ana-Lisa.

The cake set-up

Pretty cake!

Our little family.

Grandpa Gardner, Stephen, Mom, and Grandma Sharon.

Me and little Sam. Samantha looked so cute with her flowers.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's official!

Well, some of you may know this already but most of you don't...I'M PREGNANT! It's a little sooner than anticipated, but we're so excited! I actually found out almost 3 weeks ago, but we decided to wait to make the announcement until I went to the doctors. As some of you may know, I had an ectopic pregnancy between Sam and Parker. Because of that, my doctor wanted me to come in early and get an ultrasound and make sure everything looked good. Well, today I went in for that ultrasound and everything looks great! The baby is right where it's supposed to be :) I'm only 6 weeks, 4 days along so I have a LONG time to go! My due date is April 19th, just a week or so before Parker's 2nd birthday. I really thought this whole process of baby making would take longer, so to have a baby before Parker is even 2 is kinda a shock. I thought more like 2 1/2 yrs apart...Oh well, we're thrilled! Now if only I can get through this without getting totally sick, like I did with Samantha. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ocean Trip

This past weekend we took our 2nd annual summer camping trip with our great friends Jason, Wendy and their little girl, Avery. We had such a great time! Last year we roughed it and did the whole tent thing, but opted out of that this year and got a cute little cabin/trailer. It was a two bedroom place with a kitchen and "spacious living area"...or so they said. It was two bedroom and it did have a kitchen, but boy were they small! Mainly the bedrooms. Samantha ended up sleeping in the closet and Wendy was so claustrophobic that she couldn't even sleep in their room! The "spacious living area" wasn't so spacious either. BUT, we made it work and ended up having plenty of room despite the tight quarters.

The first morning we were there the sun was out and it turned out to be a great day for the beach. The beach was amazing, with sand dunes and lots of rocks and caves to explore. We all had a blast playing in the sand and water, climbing the dunes, and attempting to fly a kite. The wind wasn't quite strong enough, so unless you kept running with it it didn't really get up. We also had a BBQ that night and roasted marshmallows over the fire. It finally felt like true camping!

We had one soggy day, where it just poured down rain all day. Bummer! We made the best of it though! Our family took a little drive and ended up at an arcade joint where Sam got a ton of tickets collected to get some fun little prizes. We then headed back to play some rock band and have a dance party with the kids. That night we also took advantage of the pool that was located in the resort we stayed in.

The last day we were there, Monday, the weather was gorgeous. We decided to stop in Seaside on the way home and grab lunch, stop by the beach and visit a few shops. After all the fun there it was home sweet home!

Thanks Jason and Wendy for a great weekend! We're be looking forward to next year's adventures!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I've been having such a fun time watching the Olympics this past week! Summer Olympics are my favorite. I love watching gymnastics and of course swimming, especially this year. And what's up with Michael Phelps??? Is he, like, a machine or what? It's incredible! He's been fun to keep up on. I actually watched the women's marathon last night, which you would think would be incredibly boring. It wasn't though. These women who run for over two hours! I can barely run for 30 minutes! Amazing! I'm not much of a badminton watcher or anything like that. But, track is a good one too. Anyways, I just wanted to give a little shout out to the Olympics! I'd love to hear about anyone else who's been totally (or even a little) into it as well! Do you stay up until midnight, one o'clock too???

Fun, Fun!

This past week has been super dull. I left the house to go grocery shopping, and that's about it. BUT, we finally had some good fun on Friday and Saturday! Our Friday morning started off with me running late, of course. We headed over to Kennydale Beach to meet up with Emily, Taylee, and Rohne for some swimming. The kids had fun playing in the sand and water. Parker didn't have as much fun, only because he wouldn't take a nap before we left so he was really tired. So, I got to deal with him almost the whole time, trying to make him happy. I guess that's a baby for ya!

Later that evening we had some friends, the Karren's, over to eat dinner, play Rock Band, and do some more swimming. They brought some yummy pizza over which is a Klein favorite. The Karren's little boy, Jack, and Samantha had such a fun night playing together. They get so crazy and hyper! Jack is Sam's only boy friend her age, so I think that makes it more fun. Eventually, everyone headed over to the pool at the park. Samantha is getting so gutsy lately at the pool. At the beginning of the summer, she wouldn't let go of the side of the pool for anything. Now, she's venturing out to the middle of the pool all by herself and actually trying to swim. She'll go under water all the way, not just her face. She's doing really well. I was going to enroll her in swim lessons again this summer, but never got around to it. I guess it's ok though because she's been doing great without them.

On Saturday we took the kids to the zoo! I have been bugging Jeremy about the zoo lately, because we haven't gone yet. And then when I mentioned that in my last post, he decided it was time to go. I say it was for the kids, but really I wanted to go. I love the zoo. There's just something about it! At first Samantha and Parker were really enjoying themselves but after 2 hours walking around in 90 degree weather, they had enough. It was a lot of fun though!

And now, the funnest part of the weekend...I got strep throat! Bummer, huh? I woke up Saturday with a horrible sore throat, but I was determined that I was ok because, darnit, I wanted to go to the zoo! But, after looking at it and feeling it all day I decided to go to the doc. We missed out on our last fun filled activity ( a BBQ at some friend's house) because of it, but I guess the fun has to stop eventually. Now, I'm on antibiotics and feeling a little better. Good thing, because next weekend we're camping. I don't' want to be sick then!

Sam and Taylee being oh so cute!

Parker enjoying the sand, and eating it...

We have a hard time getting the kids to cooperate with pics sometimes!

"This is the biggest snake I ever saw!" Her words exactly.

OOOHHing and AAAWWing at the kangaroo. Parker loved the animals!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well, I took a little break from the blogging world. Not really on purpose, I've just been busy with the little things of life and really nothing too exciting has been going on. Just to update you on what we have been up too...

Jeremy left me for a whole week to go to scout camp the end of last month. I seriously thought I was just going to die without him before he even left, but things turned out ok. We just kept ourselves busy, having fun at the pool, shopping, eating out, and playing with friends. We made it to the annual Renton River Days Parade the last day Jeremy was gone. The kids loved it, getting lots of candy and stickers thrown at them.

Some friends of mine and I took our kids to a great park in Sammamish the other day too. It's got lots of toys and it's right on the lake. We brought lunches and just relaxed and let the kids go crazy. We were there for about 3 hrs. and had a blast!

Samantha and I got to go to a Mom 'n Daughter picnic last night brought on by the Relief Society. It was pouring down rain when we first got there, but eased up and we actually got some sunshine by the end. Luckily, it had a covered eating area at the park we were at so we didn't get drenched. I wouldn't have gone if there wasn't! We did end up leaving with Sam's pants wet all the way up to her knees and soaking wet socks and shoes. Oh well! She was having fun :)

So, that's about it. Not too exciting. I'm a little bummed because there's a couple things we haven't done yet this summer that I really want to do like, go to the zoo and catching an M's game. I have a feeling we won't get those fit in before summer is over. I suppose and M's game can be later on... And I'm a little in shock with the fact that summer is almost over! I feel like it just started! Where has the time gone??? Well, have lots to look forward to in the next few weeks though! We have an ocean trip, a wedding (my mom), and a circus all coming up. Fun stuff! Hope everyone is enjoying the last month or so of sunshine!

Fun in the sun! The kids in the kiddie pool at the park by our house. They love it!

Renton River Days Parade. We went with cousins, Taylee and Rohne. Parker had no problem joining in!

Took a break from the pool for some sprinkler time.

I got these shots of Parker this week. I thought they we pretty cute!

Sam in the lake we were at the other day. It was a chilly day, so we wouldn't let the kids actually swim. That didn't stop them from getting really wet though! And Parker hanging out with the big boys. He loves the attention he gets from them.