Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My girl turned 6 yesterday! Wow! 6, and in Kindergarten. Crazy. Well, we decided to skip the friend party this year and just stick to family. With cousins around it felt just as exciting and fun as a friend party though. We had a Littlest Pet Shop party, with a LPS cake, decorations, and treat bags. Sam wanted homemade pizza for dinner, so that we did! We let the kids make their own, which I think they liked. Samantha got some really fun gifts this year. Mainly crafty/art stuff, Barbies, and LPS stuff. She seemed pleased! Thanks Grandma Klein for helping with the cake and thank you everyone for the gifts. It was a fun night!

Here's a few first baby pictures...I can't believe she was so little! Especially compared to my latest 10 lb. baby!

Day 1, at the hospital still.

When we arrived home, this is what we got to do!

Finally off the Bili Blanket!

1 month old. First Halloween costume, a bunny.

6th Birthday cake! It was more like a cupcake cake. We did a patch of grass with her LPS friends!
Ladies first...the girls making their pizzas.

Now the boys turn to make their pizzas.
The girls being goofy! Collin likes it :)
Yum, pizza time!

Sam thought Taylee was just hilarious at the moment! Make a wish!

Finally, gifts. Lucky girl!

A Little Catch-Up

Of course, I'm behind again... I'm great at staying behind in my blogging. Here's what's up! Over the past couple weeks we've had Parker start a little sports class, where they're working on soccer right now, Samantha did some cheerleading, and we took a trip to Seattle to visit my Dad and got to spend some time at the Center and enjoy the water fountain. Very nice! Sam and her cousin, Taylee attended a cheerleading camp at Liberty High School and then got to cheer in a football game. She loved it! I knew she would. She loves to scream and get excited, and do some dancing as well. It was a perfect fit. Parker is enjoying his class, but isn't quite getting the concept of keeping his hands off the ball. He's doing better, but still wants to pick it up so bad. He'll get it. Here's some shots of the kiddos doing there thing, and a family pic (don't mind my crazy hair!).

This is what Collin does during sports class...


Sam and Tay at camp. Cute cheerleaders, huh!?

At the Big Game!

Jer, Grandpa Klein, and the boys enjoying some football.

Our family in Seattle. Beautiful weather!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Evergreen State Fair

I'm now caught up again on my blogging! It's been difficult this year to keep up, but I will continue to try... Minus a mix up with my "summer" post and "circus" post, things are in order and up-to-date! Last weekend we went to the fair with Jeremy's family. Usually we go to the Puyallup fair, but decided to do something different this year. I'm really glad we did! We started the day off early with everyone enjoying a yummy breakfast at Denny's. We made it to the fair just shortly after they opened the gates, which was so nice. We're not big fans of crowds, so it was perfect. Of course, we went straight to the rides, which Jeremy's parents generously helped provide tickets for everyone. Thank you!!! The kiddie rides were a hit! The kids love them! We then headed over to the big kid rides. Now, I'm not a ride person and Jeremy really isn't either, but Jeremy had the influence of his brother and sister this time and ended up making the rides the focus of the fair. This turned out to be a bad idea because he got sick! My sister-in-law and I took the kids out for more rides and to see the animals while Jeremy went on a few too many and ended up regretting it. Poor guy. Maybe next year he'll think twice :) The fair was a great way to end the summer season. We had so much fun being with family and now look forward to Fall! We love Fall!

Jeremy, Parker and some other guy...I was really impressed with Parker that day. Last year he wouldn't set foot on a ride, but this year he loved them. Even the roller coaster! Samantha LOVES roller coasters, but her and Tay, who sat together, were too short and I couldn't get a picture of her smiling face!

All the kids, minus the babies, who sat in their strollers most of the time.

Like I said...

Everyone watching and waiting for Jer, Jake,Jess, Aaron (Jess' boyfriend), and Dan to be done with their ride.

Parker and Grandpa watching the Loggers put on a show for us.

One of the many rides Jeremy and the gang went on! CRAZY!

My little sheep.

Collin's only ride!

Had to stop by the Petting Farm! We love goats!

First Day of Kindergarten Dinner...

So, I forgot to post this part of the day in my Kindergarten post! Well, we told Samantha that we would take her out to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner on her first day of school, so we did exactly that. It was ok food, but the atmosphere is fun. Collin was terrified of the "thunderstorms" and Parker was a little too. Before we left we let the kids toss some coins in the alligators mouth, who lives outside the restaurant's enterance. It' tradition. It was quite a day, celebrating our first child going to school. Time sure does fly!!!

First Day of Kindergarten!

Samantha had her first day of Kindergarten about a week and a half ago...Yeah, I'm just now blogging about it, but that doesn't mean I didn't care!!! She's been doing so good so far and absolutely loves it! Her teacher is great and the convienance of the school is awesome. I love being able to just walk up the street and drop her off and pick her up. It takes me about 5 minutes to get from my house to her classroom. LOVE IT! This first picture is actually two days before school started. It's her getting ready for her Meet Your Teacher Day. The rest is of her big first day of school. I was nervous and I could tell she was too, but once she got sat down she looked much more calm and ready to start. Now she's a pro and needs no help or guidance. I'm so proud of her!

The famous "First Day of School" picture.

Maple Hills Elementary

Her desk!

All the kids waving goodbye to their moms and dads! Samantha is hidden behind Mrs. Stempson...
PHEW! The first day is over! Good work, Sam!

Samantha and her friend from church, Sydney. They not only get to sit together at the same table, but their cubbies are next to eachother!
The walk home... We had to stop and pick flowers.