Monday, October 26, 2009

Out of Service...

Our computer died! Yes, so sad! Jer and his buddy are going to be working on it tomorrow though, so I hope to have some new posts out soon...I'm on Jeremy's work computer right now, so unless I figure out how to edit pics on here we're definately out of service for a few more day. We've done a couple fun, festive things the past few days though, so keep an eye out!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He's A Sitter!

My little man is officially sitting up! He just turned 6 months this past Saturday and has yet to roll over, but...he can sit! Silly, I know. Oh well. He's good at laying on his back and scooting himself around that way. He just pushes off the floor with his feet, and scoots. Not a very practical way of getting around, but it works for now. But, he loves to sit and loves to play. This is his favorite activity lately, just digging around in his basket of toys and examining them all. It keeps him busy for quite a while.

In other news...he's been a bit grumpy. But, for good reason. He got 2 teeth in just 1 week. That would make anyone grumpy!

Fairy Party!

Sam wanted to be a Garden Fairy for her party!

Samantha had her fairy birthday party this past friday. It turned out really well, with LOTS of girls in their fairy wings. We made fairy wands, played a couple fairy games, ate cake, and opened presents. We had a little time at the end, so we watched some of the Tinkerbell movie. I think everyone had fun...I know Samantha did! Everyone looked so cute, and played the "fairy" role very well. Here's some pictures of our night!

Making their wands.

Playing "Fairy Freeze" while dancing to When You Wish Upon A Star.

Sam's fairy cake. Thanks to my talented mother-in-law, this cake came to be. Thank you!

Blowing out her 5 candles!!!

Cake time!

And, of course, presents!

Here's the birthday girl, with all her friends! FYI...all these girls are in our ward/her primary class except 1. So many girls!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Samantha turned 5!!!

Our little Samantha turned the BIG 5 on Monday! Where did the past 5 years go??? It's just crazy how time flies! Anyways, we started the day off with a present. It doesn't get much better than this...a new doll house!!! She loves it! So, after a quick peek at her new doll house we headed out for some visiting teaching. I know, not too fun for her, but you gotta do what you gotta do. We stayed home for the better part of the day, due to me having some kidney pain. Not sure what was going on, but I was very uncomfortable and needed to just chill. SO, that's what we did. I did a lot of resting on the couch while the kids played. FINALLY, her time had come. It was party time! We decided to keep it low key and head to Red Robin for some good family fun. We celebrated with Jeremy's family (we celebrated with my dad the Saturday before) and brought cake and all her other presents to the restaurant. It turned out great! The food is always so yummy and the servers were fabulous. Our server, along with a gang of other servers, came to join in the fun by presenting Samantha with her hot pink Hello Kitty birthday cake, candles lit and all! They, of course, had a fun birthday song for her as well. She seemed to really like the attention. After a song and cake Sam opened her presents and the party was over, until next week. Next week is her fairy party with her little girlfriends. So, more party pics to come! Happy Birthday Samantha!!! We love you!

Tight fit...I need to rearrange her room a bit.


Aunt Jess and Sam

Here comes the cake!!!

OH, the anticipation!

Red Robin is awesome! I love their Happy Birthday songs!

Make a wish!

Yummy cake

Parker being a little silly

A cupcake maker! She really wanted this.

Thanks Jess! I think this is one of the messiest things we own!!! But, she loves it :)

What she came home with...She's a lucky girl!