Thursday, April 29, 2010

Love My Kids...

My kids can be a handful, but I love them soooo much! They're so funny and smart and loving, and imaginative. They're awesome! I just had to give a little shout out to my amazing children. Love you!

My performer, artist, and BIG helper. She loves to pose and be "pretty". She loves flowers, dresses, make-up (which consists of chapstick and whatever is left over on my blush brush), friends, family, and her cat. She loves to bake cookies and help me with any chores around the house (except clean her own room!). She loves to learn new things. She's quite the girly girl but can also get down and dirty when she wants to. She asks me what we're going to do the next day, every night before bed. She's always ready to make plans and have fun!

My class clown. He loves to make us laugh, especially at the dinner table. He's got quite the temper, but 2 seconds later is as loving and cuddly as can be. He's stubborn. He loves "fighting", watching Caillou, bubblegum, his Bear, games, and being outside with Dad. He's into I SPY books and loves to be sung to sleep. He's a great big brother, but quite a pesty little brother :)

My curious one. He's growing in every way, every day. He loves Mom (a little too much!) and his binky. He's a hefty boy and my arms feel it every day. His new love is his glow worm. He loves to play with anything he can get his hands on, especially the remote. He's the best baby to cuddle with. He's got a great laugh and goofy smile. He's our future quarterback...and retirement plan!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Collin is 12 months now and is FINALLY starting to feel like a 12 month old! In just the past few weeks he's CRAWLING, pulling himself up to everything, climbing up stairs, and letting of go things for a few seconds at a time. It's about time! He's doing great! I'm starting to be less afraid that he'll be bouncing on his bum the rest of his life :) We took him to the doctors last week for his check-up and here's what we got: Weight- 28lbs. 15 oz. Height- 31.5 inches He's slowing down in his massive weight gain. Luckily. He only gained 2 lbs since his last check-up instead of 4 or 5. He's so big! But, he's movin' and I think he won't be a giant for the rest of his life. Maybe. Go Collin!

I Love To See The Temple

For family night last week we took a trip to the temple. I think the kids have only done this once before, so we thought it would be a good time to have a lesson about temples and let them walk around. There's lots of pretty flowers and some little trails around the temple that everyone enjoyed. We took time to stop and talk about Angel Moroni and other things about the temple with them. It was great to have Samantha be so involved and know so much about temples already. She sure is growing up! Here's some pictures of our fun family night!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Birthday Boy!

Collin turned 1! I just can't believe how time has flown by! Well, it has, and it's been wonderful. He's been such a joy and so much fun to have around. We LOVE him SO much!!! His birthday was on Saturday (April 10th) and we celebrated by doing yard work! Just kidding :) We did lots that day, but in the evening we had Jeremy's family over and ate some dinner and had a little party. My mom-in-law helped with the cute cake, which turned out great! We ate, played, ate, opened presents, and ate some more! We had lots of good food to enjoy and I sure did enjoy it...too much! Thanks family for the gifts and fun night! Here's some pictures of Collin's 1st birthday!

Easter Weekend

We had a very relaxing, yet sickly Easter weekend. It actually started the Sunday before Easter with the traditional wearing of the Easter outfits. I figured since they were dressed up I should take some pictures and not wait for the day of. Parker was a grouch at first, as you can tell in the first pic, but warmed up a bit after awhile. Anyways, the Friday before Easter we dyed some eggs. Then, Saturday we woke up and watched a bit of conference then walked over to the park down the street and did our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. The kids had fun, but it was so wet and cold that we left right after they found their eggs and got their prizes. No playing around on the toys this year! It made me happy though that I could be there...Last year during the egg hunt I was recovering at the hospital from having Collin the night before. Jeremy left me to take them to the hunt. What a good Dad :) After the hunt we came home a chilled for pretty much the whole day. Jeremy left for the priesthood session and we went to the grocery store. Fun, huh? That night Jeremy and I were watching "Where the Wild Things Are" when I heard Parker in bed crying. I went in to find vomit all over, and I mean everywhere! Ick! So, I took care of that and Parker fell asleep on Jeremy while we finished our movie (which, I DO NOT recommend that movie AT ALL!) SO, Easter morning we had a sick child, which meant no candy for him. And, I knew he was still not feeling well because he didn't even ask. We hung out and watched more conference and took naps. That night Jeremy took Samantha over to Grandma and Grandpa Klein's house for Easter dinner. I stayed home with poor Parker who was feeling a bit better, luckily. Sam had fun with another egg hunt in G&G Klein's basement and she was kind enough to get Parker some too. It was a great Easter and we definitely emphasized the true meaning of Easter this year. That's something we're working on . The Easter Bunny brought the kids yummy candy, but also some great things to remind them of Christ and the Resurrection. What a great weekend to celebrate Easter, being able to hear our Prophet as well. I hope everyone had a wonderful day too!