Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Soccer Girl

Rain or shine, we've been out in it on Friday nights watching Samantha play some soccer. She's been enjoying herself, but I'm not thinking she LOVES it. We'll see if she wants to do it next season... I think she mostly likes it because almost everyone on her team is in her class at school, so that makes it more enjoyable. And, she defintately wasn't loving playing in the POURING down rain the other night. I wasn't either :) BUT, we've had fun and it's been a good experience for her. Her routine to get ready to go is to warm up to Mousercise in our living room. That's pretty cute. Here's some of the pictures I've shot in the last few weeks...

Sunny game...

During a rainy game...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Parker turned 4!

Well, Parker turned 4 this past weekend (the 30th).  It was a fun, busy weekend and even though it was fun, I'm glad it's over.  We started off with a "friend" party on Friday night.  We just invited a couple kids and Parker's cousins.  It was a Pirate Party, so Jeremy got into character and dressed up and took them on a treasure hunt. Jeremy made a map and we had a neat little treasure box that we filled up with candy, jewels, and gold.  We ate hot dogs and cake and opened presents and played with Parker's new toys.  It was a really fun night for the kids. 

Group picture!

His pirate cake that I made him.

The kids yelling "ahoy",or something like that, during their treasure hunt.

Checking out the treasure with Captain Jeremy


Time to blow out his 4 candles!

On Saturday, his birthday, we took him to Chuch E. Cheese.  Mistake?  Maybe.  It was very busy, but not so busy we couldn't have fun. We invited Jer's family to come with us and celebrate.  We ordered pizza, opened a few presents and played!  He got lots of pirate things from Grandma and Grandpa and a bike, baseball things, and a few other small presents from us.  He also got a gift card to Toys R Us from Grandma Linda. I think he was happy!


So excited!

Happy to have won the "jackpot" and got over 100 tickets! 

Collin loves to drive

I think Parker really had fun! 

Checking out his new bike

New T-ball set that broke within 15 minutes! 

Friday, May 6, 2011


Easter was wonderful, as usual.  We dyed eggs, did a couple egg hunts, went to church, and had a super good ham dinner at Jeremy's parent's house.  It was a great week and Easter day!  Here's A LOT of pictures to recap the week! :)

Coloring Easter Eggs:

Jeremy needed a little siesta after work while we colored eggs :)

Maple Hills Egg Hunt on Saturday:

Easter Sunday before church (Collin wouldn't wake up to be in the picture!):

Easter afternoon at Grandpa and Grandma Klein's house, and egg hunt in their basement!:

Happy Easter!!!

Livin' On The "Farm"

Some might say we have a little farm going on in our backyard...I'd say so as well. Since we've moved into our house, which we've lived in for three years, we've accumulated 6 chickens, and 2 rabbits, and we already had 2 cats. Unfortunately,we just have one cat now. One of ours had an accident and is no longer with us. But, I sure do feel like we have a farm going on here! I get to take trips to the local farming store and buy things like hay, chicken feed, rabbit pellets...all that fun stuff. It actually is pretty fun. The bonus of the chickens is, of course, the fresh eggs. The rabbits are fun for the kids (and me!). And, our kitty, Shadow, is a great cat that we've had since Sam was a year old. She's family.

We just recently got some fuzzy yellow chicks, which is what inspired me to do this post. I just had to show off all our critters! 

We have our cat, Shadow...

And, our bunnies, Ella and Oreo...

And, finally our four big, black chickens

Jeremy had fun with the eggs one day...

And, this is what my van looks like after going to get hay for the rabbits and chickens...Normally Jer gets it in the truck!

The joys of animals!