Monday, March 22, 2010

I Love Spring!!!

My flowers are blooming and I'm so happy! I Love Spring!

Parker's First Visit...

Parker was a big boy today and went to his first dentist appointment! He did great! He was quiet, and a little unsure of everything, but let them do what they had to do and didn't put up a fight. I was really proud of him!

Prepping the Garden : Phase 2

I'm sure most of you think this whole garden thing is pretty boring...Sorry! We're excited :) This is mostly for me (and my mom). We're both doing a garden this year, so it's fun to show her our progress. Anyways, Jeremy's been a hard working man and got all the rocks and grass out of our garden area. He's smoothed it out and today put down some nice fertilized dirt on top of the existing dirt. We're hoping this will help us. Last year our ground was clay and rocks. It didn't go so well. But, with some good dirt to help it, maybe we'll actually get the results we want!

My Bathing Boys!

My boys have really become great friends! They laugh and giggle together every day. It's so fun to watch. It makes me very excited for the future to watch them grow up together and be best buddies ( I hope!). They're almost exactly two years apart, so I think that will help. But, one of their favorite times of the day together is bath time. They have a blast! They splash and laugh. It's really fun to watch. A bit wet, but fun. And, it's great that Collin is getting old enough that I'm not freaking out about him getting too much water in his face, or tipping over in the bathtub. He's such a big boy now! Well, here's some pictures I took of them having some "brother time" the other night.

St. Patrick's Day

I've never been into St. Patricks' Day...But, I decided (for the kids' sake) that I should be. SO, I tried to be somewhat festive this year and play along. The day consisted of the kids wearing green, we made yummy vanilla spritz shamrock cookies with green sprinkles with my cookie press, we made yummy green shamrock pancakes, and we invited a friend over! Unfortunately, I only got a picture of our morning's festivities. But, we did have a fun day and maybe next year will be even better!

Parker would have NOTHING to do with green pancakes! Sam loved them :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Prepping The Garden: Phase 1

We have big plans for a garden this year. We had one last year, but it was small and didn't do very well. Well, we live and learn, right? With all the research and planning that Jeremy has done recently, we should have an AWESOME garden this year! It will include a pumpkin patch, corn, potatoes, strawberries, tomatoes, and much more! Our focus is the pumpkins, which is why we wanted more space. Jeremy has this thing with pumpkins and growing them. Maybe because it reminds him of his most favorite time of year, and holiday, Halloween? Well, we hope to have a great pumpkin patch that we can share with our neighbors and enjoy watching them grow. It should be fun. First things first though...We needed a good ground to work with. Our good friend, Dave, came over with his tractor today and took care of that for us. He dug up the ground and got out some big rocks for us. Jeremy even got a lesson in operating that beast. There's still ALOT of work to do to the dirt to get it ready, but today was a major stepping stone. It was fun to watch too! Parker loved it and had to check it out. I'll keep an update of our summer project. It should be interesting. Wish us luck!

Hot Dogs!

On Saturday we had a hot dog roast in our backyard. It was supposed to be marshallows, but I dropped the ball and didn't have any! The kids were a bit disappointed, but perked up when I suggested roasting hot dogs. It ended up being their dinner, which saved me from having to do it!

Random Fun

I thought I'd post a few of our random pictures that we've taken lately. No particular order...

Havin' some fun with our 3-D glasses!

The kids were bored, and so was Jeremy. They decided to have some fun with the markers.

We invited Parker's friend, Logan, over for a playdate. Of course, the swords were the first thing they got their hands on. Boys!

Jeremy, being our ward's Scoutmaster and I, being the Primary 2nd Counselor got to attend the Cub Scout's Blue and Gold Dinner. Jeremy has got quite a talent for balloon animals, so since it was the BSA's 100th birthday this year, we had a party and Jeremy got to be the balloon guy! Here he is in his cool hat he created. The kids loved it!

Playing with the bean box. It's such a simple thing, but they love it.

And, here's a woodpecker. This is in our backyard. The reason I took this is not only because I have this thing with taking pictures of nature, but we also have this annoying woodpecker that likes to wake us up on Saturday mornings. We wake up to the lovely pecking of this little bird on our gutters. Let me tell you, it is loud! It may not be this guy, but it's just a little reminder of what we get to enjoy. And, for some reason, it's only on Saturdays. Hmmm...