Saturday, November 27, 2010


We got our first snowfall of the season! It came as a shock to me because the weatherman totally downplayed it and I thought we'd get nothing or just a trace of it. But, it came alright! We got a good 6 inches, which isn't much for some people but here in Seattle it's a ton. It started snowing on monday during school, so by the time kids were leaving there was quite a bit on the ground. Buses were out until 7 p.m.! Luckily, Sam doesn't take a bus, but those poor kids who do...Anyways, I wasn't prepared, so my poor kids wore rain boots and snow clothes that were too small. They survived, but I did feel bad. Temperatures dropped to the teens, which is rare. It hung around for a few days so school was cancelled tuesday and wednesday, so we had a nice, long Thanksgiving break. Jeremy worked from home those days so we had fun playing in the snow with him. We went sledding a few times and drank lots of hot chocolate and apple cider. It was soooo cold, but so nice to get all warmed up again. I guess this is the start of a cold, snowy winter (or so they say!). I guess I should be better prepared next time so my kids can enjoy it a little more without freezing!

Snow Day #2

Monday, November 22, 2010

Welcome Tooth Fairy!

Samantha lost her first tooth about a week ago and she was thrilled! I thought I should probably document this because it was such a big deal to her. And, it's kind of a big deal to me as well. My little girl is getting so big! She was so brave and mature about the whole thing. Jeremy helped it along a bit by giving it a little tug, and then it was out. I was shocked that Sam would even let Jeremy touch her. She was most excited about being able to go to school and show her teacher her missing tooth. Having lost a tooth meant she could put her name in the huge tooth that Mrs. Stempson has on her wall for all the kids who lose teeth. She could finally join the gang!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our 4 days of Halloween!

We had a fun few days leading up to Halloween this year. It all started on Thursday and just kept on going until Sunday night! It was busy, but very fun! Thurday was Jeremy's work party. Here is the kiddos dressed up, ready to go. We had a GI Joe (aka Iron Man). Parker liked to think that his costume was the "mean" Iron Man. Although, that wasn't accurate either. Just the black suited Iron Man is all. Anyways, Sam was Princess Cinderella. And, my cranky little 18 month old liked to scream and cry and run away anytime I tried to put any costume on him. I tried a dragon, a lion, and Superman. All were unsuccessful. So, he ended up wearing a "I love my Mummy" shirt. Whatever! The kids had fun at Allyis trick-or-treating from office to office and taking full advantage of their goody bags, which you got to fill yourself from huge jars of treats and toys! There was some food to enjoy and some arts and crafts as well. Allyis is always good at throwing fun parties!

Friday was Samantha's Scarecrow Day at school. Every year the Kindergarteners dress up as scarecrows, have a party, and do a parade through the classrooms of the 1st graders. I was up until midnight putting this costume together, but I think it turned out ok. Sam loved it, so that's what matters:)

On Saturday we woke up and went to our neighborhood Firestation. Every Halloween they throw a party and have a haunted house at the station. Samantha has yet to get gutsy enough to go in that part, but the party is great. They have face painting, coloring, carving pumpkins, the firetruck to play in, lots of treats, and the big dalmation to say hi to. The kids look forward to this every year.

Saturday night we had our ward's Trunk-or-Treating. The kids had a ball and brought home way too much candy! I got to dress up like a cat, due to my kids insisting on it. I couldn't say no, right? Jeremy was Sherlock Holmes. It won him 1st place last year at Allyis' Halloween Party for best costume. It's a fun costume! After getting their fill of candy, and donuts the kids hung out in Taylee and Rohne's van with some friends until time to leave.

And finally, Halloween night. We let the kids trick-or-treat to some neighbors and then headed over the G & G Klein's to say hi and get more CANDY! We have so much candy! Too bad Jer and I are the ones eating most of it! By the way, Collin still wouldn't wear a costume....