Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 4th!

We had a super fun Independance Day this year, like usual!  We have a tradition of having Jeremy's family over for a BBQ and fireworks.  The guys usually plan a wiffle ball game in the afternoon as well and us girls hang out and get ready for dinner.  This year we also invited some old college friends over to our house.  They had just moved here a few days earlier.  That made for an extra full house, but extra fun as well! 
The day started with Jeremy running the Maple Hills 5K that they do every year... We went along to see him off.

While Jeremy was running, the kids and I headed to Target to get some last minute party supplies and food.  We came home and quickly got ready for the next activity: the parade!  Yes, the 4th of July Maple Hills parade.  It's actually quite comical because there are more people in the parade than come to watch.  Most of the neighborhood participates, but we have yet to give it a try.  We're great spectators though!  Sam did hop on one of our friend's "floats" for a while and had a good time.  And, the kids get really excited to get candy that's thrown. After the parade our neighborhood hosts a hot dog lunch at the park.  AND, to top it off, the neighborhood fire station brought a truck in to get everyone a little wet.  The kids loved it! 

After the parade, a quick change of clothes, and a little prep on the food, people started arriving and the wiffle ball game began over at the school just down the street.  Us girls hung out a watched the game and kept an eye on the kids.  We then headed back to the house and ate, ran through the sprinkler, played games, and started fireworks!

To end the evening we walked over to the park, where the neighborhood likes to gather and set off the BIG fireworks once it's dark.  We didn't get there until around 10:00, so it was late and the kids were getting really tired.  Collin ended up falling asleep in my arms, with my hands over his ears because it was really, really loud.  He must have been really tired to fall asleep through everything.  We eventually got headphones on him, which he wouldn't dare let us put on before, and he slept like a log.  We ended the night with a BANG (literally) and had another great 4th of July!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Survivor Mud Run!!!

So, our neighbor, George, asked Jeremy to do a crazy Mud Run last month held in Carnation.  Jeremy had already told a few other friends that were doing it that he wasn't going to, but FINALLY after the last request he decided to do it!  He got really pumped up the day of, and did great!  It was the perfect day to get muddy too.  It was typical Seattle weather...RAIN!  Jeremy's start time was 1:00, so he was lucky enough to get super muddy, being one of the last start times.  The rain had plenty of time to make mud extra muddy and the hundreds of people who ran the course didn't help either.  It was a 5K run with about 12 obsticles to go through on the way.  I don't know that I would have liked it, but it was fun to watch everyone else :)  The kids and I all went to cheer them on and wait at the finish line.  We waited a good 2 hours, but it was totally worth it, to see the aftermath of the race.  Poor Jeremy and George got to take a completely freezing shower afterwards that was provided for them, and Jeremy said that was probably the worst part of the whole day.  The coldest water ever. The kind that gave him a "brain freeze."  Fun stuff!  Maybe I'll get brave and do it next year...

Before the fun started!

Off they go!
We waited, oh so patiently.  The kids did really great, even though it was pouring down rain pretty much the whole time.

And, he did it!  Good look, Jer!

Wow!  Looks like it's shower time!

The kids were really excited to see Dad.  Notice, they kept their distance though!

After a long wait, the kids were ready for some hot dogs. Yum!

Tuckered out. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

5K & 1K Fun Run!

Our Stake hosted a Fun Run for us this year!  I've never done an "official" 5K before, so I thought I should participate in it :)  Samantha, Parker, and Collin also participated by doing the 1K that was for the kids.  Jeremy ran with Collin and Samantha and Parker ran it with me.  Sam and Parker did AMAZING!  Neither one of them stopped at all, and they were so motivated and determined to finish strong.  I admit, it did have something to do with the fact that they got a medal at the end of the race.  Both of the kids had it in their heads that they had to run the whole way, without stopping or they wouldn't get a medal.  I just let them think it.  Poor Parker ran so hard his legs hurt the next morning!  He woke up crying and said he couldn't walk!  We had a really great morning getting some exercise and spending time with friends and family. 
The kids and I before our races

Cousin picture! All the kids ran in the 1K and do so good!!!

Kids from our ward who all ran...

Sam and Parker with their medal!  They were oh so happy!

Jer and the kids after their run

 Just got done! 
My sister-in-law, Emily, and I ran together.  She's a super good runner, so she kept  me on my toes!  It was a lot of fun running with her!

Last Days of Kindergarten...

Samantha had a fun last couple of days of Kindergarten.  One of her last days her class put on a "Kindergarten Sharing" day, where the parents came in and the kids got to show off all of their art work and reading skills and fun thing they've done in the classroom.  It was really fun to watch Sam in her class and see all the things they do (even though I've been volunteering all year and have seen her in action before). Here's Samantha and her teacher, Mrs. Stempson.

At her desk

Excited to show off the science area.  They planted corn and were raising tadpoles.

With her good friend, Sydney.  And little Alexa's in the background.

Had to get a picture with my girl :)  I can't believe she's going into 1st grade now!

She lost a tooth in March and in November.  When they lose teeth, they get to write their names in the tooth for that month.

And, Sam with her other good friend, Desi! 

Another fun activity that went on the last week of school was a Dance Party.  That wasn't the official name, but I can't remember what it was!  Anyway, the kindergarten thru 2nd grade classes got together and danced with the guidance of Mrs. Perry-Hardin, their music teacher.  It was really fun to watch!  They did country line dances, the chicken dance, the electric slide, and many more.

 More dancing!

At last, the last day of school! 

On the last day of school they had a "field day" where they played games outside all morning.  Then, the last 20 minutes of class Mrs. Stempson did a special presentation to move the kids into 1st grade.  She had magic rocks that each child got.  When you rub them, these magic rocks would help them to always remember Kindergarten.  It was pretty cute.  She spun each child around 3 times and *poof* they were 1st graders! 

Having fun with her friends

They were sharing all the memories they have of Kindergarten.

 Samantha and her buddy, Eric.

We had a GREAT first year of school!