Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I'm just happy to announce that we are soooo darn close to having a fully potty trained boy! He did great yesterday and has been doing overall very good this past week. He did his first #2 last night in the potty and I'm hoping this is the beginning of wonderful things to come! I'll be so, so happy when I can officially say that I only have one child in diapers. I can already see the difference in my diaper pail. I've had many less runs to the garbage can outside. It's great!!! Keep it up, buddy!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Week...

What a week! Since last Friday, it's been quite a rollercoaster of events. On Friday, April 30th, we celebrated Parker's 3rd birthday! He's just growing up so fast. We had a fun pizza night with Jeremy's family, making our very own homemade pizzas. Jeremy was our chef and made all the dough, assembled, and cooked our pizzas. They turned out great! Parker wanted a fireman/firetruck themed party, so we went with it and had firehats and party blowers, and of course decorations. We did cupcakes and ice cream and opened presents. It was fun! THEN, on Saturday we continued the celebration by having his "friend" party. We still did the firetruck theme and had a cool firetruck cake that my mom-in-law helped me make. We had 6 little friends over and we had fun playing a game, they colored, and I let them just go crazy and play as well. I mean, they're 3, right? The kids loved the cake and everyone wanted the ladder. Silly :) Parker loved all his gifts and loved having his buddies over for awhile. SO, our weekend was full of partying (and a baptism Saturday moring). Sunday I had Sharing Time in primary, so I got to finish planning that on Saturday night. Kind of a busy day...Anyways, by monday I was sick. Literally. SOOO sick. I felt horrible. My body hurt, my throat hurt, my head hurt, everything hurt! And, to top it off Collin was sick, with a runny nose and cough and Jeremy was starting to feel it too. Luckily, Jeremy felt well enough to save the day and be home from work and let me rest! What a man! Tuesday I still felt sick, but a tiny bit better. My throat was KILLING me! That was the worst part. Well, tuesday was also our anniversary. So, for our 8 year anniversary we took the kids out for a good old Red Robin dinner. I was kind of miserable from being sick, but it was so nice to be out and get some really good food(even though I could barely swallow!) and spend time with my family. I loved it. The rest of the week consisted of me still being sick, Samantha getting sick and having a 102 degree fever, Parker getting sick with a cold, and Collin still sick with a cold, and Jeremy getting worse. I ended up at the doctor, thinking for sure I had strep but I didn't. That was good, but I hate it when you go to the doctor and you're sent home with nothing. I kinda feel dumb. Oh well. I also ended up losing my voice. Completely. I was at a whisper, which makes it so hard to get through to your kids! That lasted about 3 days. Not fun. So, now we're to yesterday...Mother's Day. I woke up still sick! Everyone was still sick, which meant no church. But, Jeremy, again saves the day and takes care of me, making me breakfast in bed. The kids got their gifts and cards and brought them to me in bed and I ate and opened my gifts. It was wonderful. After that Jeremy let me sleep in even longer while he took care of the kids. By noon though, Collin was getting worse and looking really bad. He had a 102.6 fever and looked horrible. So, I took him in to Urgent Care and got him checked out. I mean, after being sick for 10 days, you'd think he'd be getting better. It turns out he has an ear infection and sinus infection. After spending almost 4 hours at the docs and pharmacy I got home to my family to finish out my mother's day with them. We ended up taking a walk (Collin was feeling a bit more perky after meds and a nap!) along the river and eating a roast beef dinner. It was a crazy sunday, but a nice, relaxing one as well. Now it's monday night and Collin is still not doing so good. He's been on antibiotics for 24 hours now and still has a fever and looks pretty sick. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Luckily, everyone else is looking up, even me. I look forward to a more "normal" week this week. I missed so much last week, I'm feeling a little out of it! Here's a few pictures from Parker's friend birthday party!