Saturday, April 23, 2011


My latest post (Collin Turned 2!) looks horrible. The spacing is terrible! Blogger is acting up on me and I don't know why. Everytime I got the spacing just right, I'd post it and it would look totally different than what I had done! OR, when I tried to fix it, it wouldn't even do what I wanted. SOOOO frustrating! So, that's the story. If you have an idea of what I'm doing wrong, please, please let me know...My Spring Break post isn't right either :(

Friday, April 22, 2011

Collin Turned 2!

We brought Collin home the night before Easter, two years ago, which is funny because I just realized that I'm posting about his 2nd birthday the night before Easter. Anyways...we came home around 8:00 pm and we had to get Easter baskets ready and settle in and get ready for Easter Day. It was an exhausting night!
The next two pictures are the morning (at the hospital) and night (at home) of that day...
Now, here's our "baby" boy all big now! Where has the time gone?! Collin turned 2 on April 10th. We had a truck themed party with Jeremy's family. We BBQ'd, opened presents, and the kids ran around like crazy. Fun night!
He just blew out the candles and dug into the rock candies already.
What a great day! We love you Collin!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break!

We had spring break the first week of April... We didn't do anything exciting, but we did take one day out of the week to play! Jeremy took the day off and we woke up bright and early (to snow!) and headed to Denny's for breakfast, which was super yummy. Then we finally decided to go to the Science Center in Seattle. Originally, we wanted to go the Family Fun Center, but since we woke up to snow we thought it would be warmer to go to Seattle. The day went great. The kids had fun. Other than the fact that the place was packed because of the Star Wars exhibit, it went pretty smoothly. We came home after our Seattle outing and took late naps then got up to head back out. We went to Southcenter and did some shopping and ate dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory. One of my FAVORITES!!! I love it. Even though we didn't go to some warm vacation spot, it was a great day to spend with the family!