Thursday, January 31, 2008

I've been Book Tagged by Emily!!!


Thanks Em!  This gets me to actually open a book!  I haven't done that in a long time (other than to read some silly little book to Sam)!  Here it goes...

The rules are as follows:

1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages)

2. Open the book to page 123

3. Find the fifth sentence

4. Post the next 5 sentences

5. Tag 5 people

I randomly chose Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, one of Jer's old books that he collects.  This one's from 1892.

All day I was engaged in my professional work, and it was late in the evening before I returned to Baker Street.  Sherlock Holmes had not come back yet. It was nearly ten o'clock before he entered, looking pale and torn. He walked up to the sideboard, and, tearing a piece from the loaf, he devoured it voraciously, washing it down with a long draught of water.

"You are hungry," I remarked.

 I tag Allison, Amy, Kristin, Kristie and Bekah (that's about everyone I have on my friend list!  I need more friends!)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's been awhile...

So, life's been a bit crazy lately.  The chaos of Christmas just hasn't seemed to end.  It's one thing after another around here.  Anyways, just to update you all...We decided a few months ago that we have definately outgrown the house that we currently live in.  It's been great, but it's time to move on.  So, right after Christmas we called our realtor and got things rolling.  We needed to finish a few projects around the house though, so that took up a lot of time, getting it all ready to put on the market.  We finally got our "FOR SALE" sign out there and two weeks later we sold our house!  That just happened a few days ago, so now we're trying to decide where we're going to live.  It happened much sooner than we expected, with the market the way it is right now.  In the midst of the house selling/buying I have a house full of sick people.  Jeremy has had the flu/cold and is at the doctors right now as I type this up, checking for strep throat.  Parker has an ear infection, along with a fever and nasty cough, and Samantha has been running an almost 103 degree fever and coughing uncontrollably as well.  It's been a blast!  Luckily, I'm healthy.  I don't know what would happen if I were sick too.  Our house would be a nightmare!  So, that's the latest.  We have two houses we're deciding on to buy and we should know which one is going to be ours next week.  I'll keep you all posted!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Top TV Shows of My Childhood

Zack MorrisHey everyone! Head over to The Anamnesis Project and check out my favorite shows from when I was a kid. Post a comment and let me know what I left off the list that you liked growning up.

Also, The Anamnesis Project is starting to take shape and I'm pretty excited about it. I still need to make it look nice, but I've found a CMS (Content Management System) that I really like. So check it out every once in a while to get a dose of the 80's and 90's.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Sam visited the dentist today for the first time!  No cavities and no plaque.  What a good little brusher.  She did very well and I had to share this!  She was very proud of herself! 


Nice glasses, Sam!  Good job!

Favorite Gift


Sam definately has a favorite Christmas present!  It's Bella Dancerella!  For those of you who aren't up with the latest 3 year old toys and gadgets, let me fill you in:  Bella Dancerella is this young girl that has a couple instructional videos out there for kids on dancing. Of course, Sam got the ballet one. It also came with a ballet bar and mat.  She's in love!  She does it at least twice a day.  Anyways, I just thought it was cute, so here's a few pictures.


Here's Bella Dancerella!  Just so you have an idea of what I'm talking about...I didn't take this for the blog, I promise!  Samantha insisted as I was taking pictures of her that I needed to take one of her video too!


Looks good!  Just like the video!


Twinkle toes.

Christmas Day!!!


We woke up early to get ready for the busy day before the kids got up. It would truly be a crazy, busy day...but fun!  Samantha, unfortunately, wasn't up to it at first.  We had to wake her up and when we did she gave Jeremy a dirty look and said,"go away!"  How sad.  She really likes to get her sleep, I guess.  She finally got up and realized that Santa had come and there was presents to be opened.  After we had our Christmas at home we headed over to Jer's parent's house to have another Christmas.  It was quite a Christmas over there.  Grandma and Grandpa Klein are good at spoiling the grandkids, and that they did!  After we loaded up the car, then unloaded it at our house we headed to my mom's house.  Of course we had yet another load of gifts from the grandparents for the kids and a good deal for us too.  After a funfilled morning of gift opening, it was time for naps!  It was so nice to be home and relax for a while.  We didn't look forward to all the "putting aways" and "taking out of the boxes" we had to do though.  We left that for later that night.  But, before the day was over we headed back to my mom's for a tasty Christmas dinner.  The day was wonderful, but what made it even more wonderful was the fact that we got snow!  Seattle hasn't had snow on Christmas in over ten years!  I couldn't believe it!  There wasn't much, but enough to actaully count as being snow. Merry Christmas!


Sam with her princess camera.  She's been asking for a camera for as long as I can remember!


Parker doesn't quite know what to make of his new toy.  He'd rather eat wrapping paper.


Sam at Grandma and Grandpa Klein's house.


The fun of opening gifts!


This is what Parker did best this day.  Just crawling in the paper and boxes was enough fun for him. (He's become very good at sticking out his tongue lately.)


Dorothy shoes!!!


She loves her bubble bath and soaps.  She's quite the girl.


Jer, showing off his guitar skills on his new Guitar Hero he got from my mom and sister!  Nice moves!


Trying to make sense of everything.  What do we do with it all?

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was quite a busy day for us.  I found myself frantically running errands in the morning, in prep for the next morning.  By the time I got home it was time to leave for Jeremy's grandma's house.  We decided Christmas day is crazy enough and didn't have time or energy to make the trip to her place the next day with everyone else.  We already have two grandparents' houses to visit, so one more was a little too much.  So, we spent a while visiting, and of course getting our gifts that she always gets us.  We then made it home in time for the first ever Klein progressive dinner.  We started off at Jessica's for some yummy appetizers.  We then headed off to Jake and Emily's for a great salad.  And then, we came to our house for some pizza and presents (it was for my birthday that was a couple days earlier).  And we finally went to the grandparent's house for dessert, which was some birthday ice cream cake.  We also got to open one present from them too!  It was a lot of fun!

christmas eve

Samantha and Parker with Great-Grandma Long.

Christmas eve

Sam got her "Daisy".  Daisy is her nintendog that she plays with on our Nintendo DS.

christmas eve

Parker's first Christmas present. 

 christmas eve

Taylee and Samantha checking out the goods!

 christmas eve

Parker was really facinated by Sam's puppy.  It was barking at the time.

Snowflake Lane

On Friday, the 21st, we were able to go to Bellevue Square and celebrate Christmas at Snowflake Lane.  We started the night off having dinner with our great friends, Ben and Allison and their two kids, Madilynn and Marshall.  Of course we went to Red Robin and visited Jessica amidst all the chaos.  It took me almost a half an hour to find parking!  I hate the mall at Christmas!  Anyways, we were able to eat dinner quite quickly despite so many people (thanks Jess!) and get out to the street for some holiday fun!  There were drummers who danced and were very entertaining.  There was also snow that fell from the sky...or buildings!  There were pretty lights, and music and lots of people.  After that, we went into the mall to see Santa and his reindeer.  Samantha was really impressed with the reindeer that were hanging from the ceiling.  Overall, it was a great outing to get ready for the big day!


Jeremy and Parker hanging out, waiting for the festivities to begin!


Samantha didn't really enjoy all the drumming and noises around her.  Poor thing.

 snowflake lane

Samantha and Madilynn have become good little buddies.  They play really good together and had fun that night.