Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Collin's 9 months!

Mr. Collin is now 9 months old! I'm really wondering how time has flown so fast?! I'll have a 1 yr. old in only a few months! Crazy. Well, I took him in for his well child check-up a few days ago and here's the results: Weight- 27 lbs. (greater than 97 %. That's what they say, but really they mean "OFF THE CHARTS!") Height- 30 in. (90%) Head-47 cm. (90%) SO, I've got a big boy. Here's some pictures I took of him just hangin' out today. He loves to just hang out. He's not into the whole crawling thing...or doing anything really, that involves moving, that is. Actually, that's not entirely true. He rolls in both directions, so he gets around that way, from one end the room to the other. He scoots on his bottom, and makes good distance that way, surprisingly. And, he'll occasionally "attempt" to get on all fours. It hasn't really happened yet, but he'll stay on them if I do it for him then slowly flattens out. We'll get there. Maybe.

Here's one I threw in because he's just so funny when he eats. Eating makes him really happy! And, he's been feeding himself a lot lately, so he's really messy. He's hilarious!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Merry Christmas (a little late!)

Yes, I'm just now getting around to putting up Christmas pictures! It seems like everything would calm down after the holidays, but not for us. Anyways, the holidays were great for us! We had a wonderful Christmas, and a relaxing New Years. Christmas Eve started with a visit to Jeremy's 90 year old Grandma. We don't see her much, but we make it a point to visit around Christmas time. She, along with Jeremy's Aunts, have always been so generous and loving towards the kids. It's nice to be able to have that "Great-Grandma" relationship for them. After that we headed over to Jeremy's brother's house for the start of our annual Christmas Eve progressive dinner. There's just enough of us in the family to have an appetizer, salad, and main dish/dessert at a different person's house for each. It's been fun doing that over the past couple years. And, we always have pizza for our main dish. Yummm! The Kleins have been doing that part FOREVER. The dinner ended at the Grandparent's house, where we also each got to open our Christmas Eve present. Christmas morning we checked out if Santa had eaten our chocolate covered Oreos and chocolate milk, which he did. And, his reindeer snacked on some carrots. Can't forget them! Jeremy and I got up before the kids and got showered and ready, knowing we were headed back to Jeremy's parent's house shortly after our opening of presents. Finally the kids awoke and we dug in! The kids got lots of fun thing this year. Santa brought Sam the 3 Musketeer Carraige/Hot Air Balloon (a barbie thing). Parker got a dragon castle by Imaginext. And Collin got a fun blow up penguin that sits on the ground and never falls over...what do you call that??? Well, it's cute and plays music and has balls in it's tummy. Yeah. Jeremy and I exchanged $$$$ What could be better than that? We both really wanted clothes, so that was our best bet. We also opened up a bunch of gifts my mom sent from Idaho. Thanks mom! After all that, we headed over to the Grandparent's and started all over again. They always go all out and the kids have such a fun time. And, it's nice to be around the kids' cousins, who are also there. They sure do love eachother. We headed home after a couple hours and relaxed, watched UP, and played with our new toys. My Dad and brother came over for a roast beef dinner, which turned out really good. Very tasty I might say! We ended the evening with that- a great dinner, family, and more presents from my dad. My kids are spoiled! We felt like taking a little drive so we went out to look at Christmas lights one last time. It was a wonderful evening. Here's a slew of pictures we took over those couple days. Merry (late) Christmas! Happy New Year! Oh yeah, our New Years was very low key. We did a little celebration with the kids before we scooted them to bed at an early 8:30. We had some left over fire crackers, so we did that with them and had some Martinelli's Sparkling Cider and yelled "Happy New Year!" That was about it for the kids. Jeremy and I did stay up until midnight, but just hung out in front of the TV and ate lots of junk food. That's my kind of night!

With Jer's Grandma

Opening some gifts on Christmas Eve. Collin was really excited!

Christmas morning

Waiting patiently for something to happen.

Parker and his Hot Wheels track

The kids got Nerf swords. Still not sure if it was a good idea or bad one?!

Sam and her new DS game

Collin in the midst of it all

Littlest Pet Shop was a big hit this year

Parker's dress-up clothes grew this year. He loves his fireman costume.

The dreaded clean-up...

The kids in front of Grandpa and Grandma Klein's tree Christmas morning.

Collin and his cousin, Tristan, are getting acquainted. Someday they'll be the best of friends, just like the others! BTW, Collin is only 3 months older...He's huge.